Computer support

We charge a flat rate of £35 as a call-out fee and this covers the first hour of support too. After the first hour we charge £35 per hour for labour costs. If parts are required, we offer 2 options.

Option 1: We order the part at the best price and fit once it is delivered. In this case we will add on the cost of the part to your final invoice.

Option 2: We will find the relevant part at the best price and give you the link so you can order it yourself. We will then fit it on arrival and you will just be charged for the labour.


We offer 2 options for websites and the prices reflect the work involved.

Option 1 – Basic

  • Your choice of free WordPress theme
  • Limited editing of colour schemes and layout
  • Easy information input

If given all the information to go on the site (including text, menu titles and images) in advance, we can usually have a basic site like this set up within a few days.


Option 2 – Advanced

  • Your choice of free WordPress theme
  • Editing of your theme until you are happy
  • Easy information input

A site like this can take time, what we will do is record all the time it has taken keeping you up to date along the way and then bill you at the rate of £35 an hour.

Please Note

If you wish to use a premium WordPress theme you will either need to purchase this yourself or the cost will be added to the cost of the site.

Single page sites and registered charities

If you only require a single page site with very limited editing, or are a registered charity, we can produce your website at a lower cost than the options above. please Contact Us for more information and a quote.